Experience of use Exodermin

I recently decided to move to a dacha, beside which there is a small forest. I used to be a professional runner but because of my age I had to leave. Sometimes I decided to run in the neighborhood to improve my health, but after the rain many puddles appear in the forest, in which I often fell and I got my feet wet.

I recently noticed that the skin on my legs started to peel, an unpleasant odor appeared and the nails themselves turned yellow. I realized that I have a fungus, as I had found it before. I bought the old medicine but to my surprise it didn't work. I decided to wait and stop walking in the forest. After a while, the situation got worse, the skin became dry and literally collapsed while walking, adding unpleasant sensations.

My knowledge of Exodermin

revoke the use of Exodermin

I decided to go online and look for an effective drug, immediately an ad for Exodermin came out. I read the analysis and the analysis, the promised result suits me. I decided to order the drug through the website, delivery was fast. I read the instructions and found out how to use the medicine, I decided to use it twice a day in combination with the hygienic foot treatment.

After 3 weeks, I can boast about the experience of use. Even with the first ones I noticed a decrease in itching and discomfort, after a week the skin condition improved, the nails started to get healthier. Now my legs are in great condition, I take care of their hygiene, I try not to go out for walks in the rainy weather anymore. My problem served as a lesson that Exodermin helped me to deal with. I recommend everyone to use!